François Xavier Guilet

HR Manager

I discovered recruitment in 2006 when I joined the HR department of Pomme de Pain, a fast food company. At that time, there was already a question of unfilled positions. I therefore discovered very early on the notion of employer branding in order to develop the company’s attractiveness.

In 2012, I joined a great adventure as Recruitment & Employer Brand Director of the Bertrand Group and for more than six years I accompanied the growth of the company, which is now the number 2 in the French restaurant industry. I created an internal recruitment agency to support the Group’s 2,500 recruitments and employer brand projects.

After a one-year assignment as HR Director for the Cyril Lignac Group, covering all HR issues, I created Human Magnet, a recruitment agency specialising in the business I know well: the HR function.

Really passionate about these subjects, I host the podcast “Les Lois de l’Attraction” which allows me to share the fascinating discussions I have with my guests on employer branding subjects.