Nobiis agency

It is a community of experts dedicated to the success of your development. It’s a team that comes from the field and lives in the field, to enable entrepreneurs (aspiring or experienced) to launch themselves into the world of networks and to grow their business, by developing a franchise or a branch.

We do this by offering you expertise based on operational experience and a modern vision of the catering world. We are Nobiis, experienced men and women with a passion for the business.

We exist to facilitate and accelerate your project, to help you make operational decisions, to master your strategic plan in a pragmatic way, to give meaning to your teams and to validate a sustainable strategy based on our values of innovation, interaction, listening, agility, ecology and loyalty.

We offer services ranging from mentoring to interim management, including team coaching and the resolution of specific issues such as the drafting of deeds, the operational manual or the creation of a scorecard.

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A real toolbox dedicated to the success of your network development, whether it is your own or a franchise, thanks to its various business units which are made available to you according to different formulas, either on a one-off basis, on a shared basis or integrated into your teams.

Icone Advice

Strategic and operational

Icône Expertises

Law and accounting

Advice and research

Icône Expansion

Sourcing and development plan

Applicants and employees

Timeshare or full time

Icône media

Marketing & communication

Icône product

R&D, supply and production

Icône Work

Costing and steering

"Nobiis was created to enable food entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, by networking."
Charles Dorémus
Chairman and Founder of Nobiis

Do not hesitate to contact the agency to tell us about yourself, your projects, your desires for development in the restaurant industry, in a network and in franchising.


We Are Nobiis!